Every once in a great while, someone invents a new product so ingenious, so grand, so sweeping, that it alters the way we live, the way we interact with each other, the way we view the world. My friends, the day has come and the product… is BroBibs.

Below are a few of the bibs we offer, but to view our complete catalog, please visit Behold!

The Classic
Description: A black suit jacket, white shirt and a black tie
“An awesome suit deserves awesome protection. So ‘bib up’ with The Classic – the bib that started it all.”

The Priest
Description: Black button-down bib with white collar
“Spilling is a sin. Keep your frock fancy with this divine bib that’ll leave your congregants singing your praises!”

The NBA Player
Description: Bare chest with a basketball jersey
“A gigantic bib for a gigantic man. Only available in XXXXXL and XXXXXXL.”

The Sunburn
Description: Splotchy red flesh
“Fell asleep in the sun? No problem. Wear this splotchy red bib to match your splotchy red flesh.” (Built-in aloe dispenser available with the deluxe model.)

The Pimp
Description: Crushed velvet purple bib with a zebra-striped collar and thin gold chains
“Pimpin’ may not be easy, but staying clean is with The Pimp from Show your suit as much love as you show those buxom ladies.”

BroBibs is in no way affiliated with, inspired by, or derivative of Those guys are a bunch of d-bags.