Author: Barney Stinson

Blogging under influence

Guyss, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been doing a liiiiiiittle drinking tonightt. Reel nice single malt with a nose of acorns and AFTERTaste of homey… mmm. Anywaze, I thought I’d finally reveal the ten keys to aweseomenessessity. Oh...

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Slap Judgment

Dear Esteemed Members of the Fifth Circuit Court of Slappeals, I am writing, once again, to formally protest the decision-making and overall incompetence of the current Slap Bet Commissioner, Lily Aldrin. For someone who is...

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That’s the dream

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: My friend Ted is never right. Chalk it up, write it down, remember it. When I told him that going to jail for your bro was “the dream,” I meant it. Ted, however, claims that I have...

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Awesome idea exchange

Each person in a group of friends brings something special to the table and my peeps are no exception.  Marshall is chockablock with arcane and useless cryptozoology facts.  Ted supplies the unsolicited grammatical criticism. ...

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The player king of New York City

As many of you know, I was recently elected to the highest office of the biggest city in the United States: Player King of New York City. And while I’m proud to exercise that position (WHAT UP?!?), I’m constantly reminded of the...

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