Author: Barney Stinson

The sex sense

You may have seen that 1999 film with the little blond dude who chats up dead people. You may have also seen him get interrupted by Keyboard Cat on YouTube. Well, I, just like him, have a sixth sense. The only difference? Mine...

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A public service announcement

Attention fellow bros: you can stop reading this entry right now, ’cause this one is going out to the ladies. Okay all you boob-owners, it’s the night before the most important day on the chick calendar and...

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Hard to get

If you read my blog often, or simply live on this planet, you know that 100% of ladies play “hard-to-get.” Recently, my best friend Ted and I found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation: a beautiful girl at the bar...

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Partner up

Due to a lack of awesomeness on the part of my best friends, I find myself without a laser tag partner for the most elite doubles laser tag tournament in the tri-state area: the Poughskeepsie Regional Semi-Annual Laser Tag...

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My favorite things

Barney here. As you all know, I’m a big ol’ giver. I like to get in there and just give hard. So this week, partly inspired by the holidays but mostly inspired by my massive bonus check, I decided to elevate my...

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