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Wingman of the year 2011

Dear bro’s,

I always receive tons of emails every week and I would love to respond to all of them personally but unfortunately my time is limited and girls (Robin at the moment) are waiting for me. Thanks to all of you who sent an application to become a bro. I still had not enough time to go through all the applications so please be patient.

Ok, enough. Here he is – the wingman of the year 2011:


What do you think?


…thanks to Alex for sharing the picture with me!

  • one of Barneys chicks

    Hey Barney!

    I undersand that you can´t answer all e-mails!
    Love the picture, you are legendary!

  • Paisabh

    hey barnibazle,

    Adopt my watermelons! :) (If yu know what i mean) (wink!)

  • Barneys Maid!

    hey barns

    when you coming back, i have been waiting for 78 days in bed?

  • Legend – Wait for it…

  • – Dary!

  • awesome pic bro! What an example for all brokind

  • Mrcenet


  • Gangster-Julez

    hey barney i`m a big fan of you i love you !!!!!!!

  • Nitin Philip

    ur my hero!!!

  • Hamburg-City-bro

    Awesome bro! Just kicked it to MY wingman!!

  • Omar El-banna

    i thought you were allowed only one bro

  • Frfrfr

    Hey Barney
    i love suits and your song ” Nothing Suits me Like a Suit!” is so cool :)
    And the new films of How i met your mother are sooooooooo good.
    you are great.

  • Gregoryapage8

    dary… Ending the second longest legen… Wait for it dary ever… The longest is from Barney who said legen wait for it on my birthday in 1985… He has yet to finish it…

  • Hmmm


  • Hongjiani

    barney,Im a Chinese girl who likes you soooooo much. u are so cool ,and u are like a innocent baby in your heart i think..

  • Hongjiani


  • Looshabivahid

    hi barney
    I love u so much

  • vahid from iran

    is this your blog or someone else make it???
    any way……
    I love ur performance on that show
    u realy are an excellent actress

    • Barneys Wingman!

      First of all…….He’s an actor!

  • Kjemenckof

    true one… 😀

  • Barneys Wingman

    So if are applications are good….Do we get to be on the set of How I Met Your Mother?

  • barneys i will you as bro for a day!

  • Guest

    true chipmunk-bro!