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Two bro’s and a baby

My best friend Ted and I just came up with the greatest idea since implants: adopting a baby! It promises all the fun of raising a child without any of the annoying responsibility of a committed relationship. Plus, do you have any idea how much tail a baby will get us?!?!?!

Naturally, raising a child is no joke, and if we want that kid to be half as awesome as I am, it’s going to take a lot of work. So just what makes Ted and I think we can succeed where Danson, Selleck and Guttenberg failed? Simple: one less moustache.

Below is the preliminary adoption application I filled out on our behalf. I expect a child in my mailbox any day now. Wish us luck!

  • Isn’t Marshall Ted’s best friend?

    • Maruschke


  • Sebastian Duquex

    You’re totally getting your baby!

  • i remember once you had a no father’s day…..but now you are adopting a child….it’s confusing

  • still the application is awesome…….

  • Bro. Just be AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Maze

    hi barney there is a German song by tim Bendzko: Just briefly, the save the world! would be perfect for marshall in e act for the serie!

    good luck

  • Yasser

    high five

  • Maria

    i think im in love with you. Maria

  • jalal

    i belive that u mary with rabin and acording to episod 12 robin cant have any baby…so ….
    sorry bro

  • Donbeat27

    Barney you’re always awesome!!!

  • Robin S.

    Hello I´m Robin from ,,How Imet your mother”.
    Yes Sergio Porras but Barney think he is the best friend of Ted !!! ;’)
    I´m in sorry that Barney doesn´t have a best friend !!!
    But I think that Barney find a nice other bro !!!
    And I´m really that Barney find his father I´m in sorry for Barney !!! ;(

    Your´s Robin <3 😉 <3

    • Robin S.

      Hey and please like this on facebook or twitter or … others <3 😉

  • Hetero

    Hey iam the real marshall by himym
    i hat Berney he is a motherfucker gayfucked gayhorney
    fuck on man

    • Jessica Lang

      That’s not very nice.

  • Jessica Lang

    I almost died laughing while reading this!!! That is so cute!!

  • Jessica Lang

    Dear Barney, I’m in love with you!

  • Reason for adopting: Chicks…
    of course :)

  • Tomstar

    Armani or Boss???