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Suitjamas available!

Dear bro’s,
do you remember when Mashall was wearing a night gown?

I just wanted to let you know that some awesome Australian guys are manufacturing my suitjamas now and ship them worldwide!

And all readers of my blog get 10% discount by entering the unique coupon code “barneystinsonblog“.

Have a look at it here.



What do you wear for sleeping? Leave a comment!

  • Brandon

    OMG these exist! I tired to find these a couple of years ago but didn’t find anything online but looks like they have come up with the goods.

  • Leo suljevic

    Just boxer shorts btw big fan barny think ur awesome!!!!!!

  • Jo Dsouza15

    Hey Barnacle! Don’t you like the Suitjamas???? Because in the Episode you loved the “dress” XP Marshall gave you? Oh and I wear em’ :)

  • Mario – Kun

    for sleep? obviusly my Birth Day Suit!!! 😀

  • JustAGuest

    I find it funny that FOX blocked the YouTube site linked from Barney’s official blog!

  • Kjemenckof

    awesome! 😀

  • Kjemenckof


  • Kjemenckof

    need one 😀

  • John

    I should wear this!

  • Jaka

    i wanna have suit pajama xD

  • LegenWaitForItDary

    I totally just bought some suitjamas… This is amazing o_O

  • Stephen

    WOW, Internet High Five!!

  • anonymousee

    i suit up.

  • Miguel Von Matterhorn

    I always do the “Naked Man” when I sleep!

  • Travis Howland17


  • Bojanmilic84

    shut up and take my money!

  • Josh Lofton

    I birthday-suit up.

  • Sueee

    Oml I need them