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Prop 69

Members of the Bromocracy, when I sat at my desk in my Hefner-approved smoking jacket and wrote the original draft of “The Bro Code” on paper made of recycled vintage Playboys, I thought the words were as permanent as Megan Fox’s tattoos. But now – and this thought just randomly occurred to me and was not motivated by anything that actually happened in my life – I realize that the Bro Code is a living document and should be altered as circumstances warrant. But it is not for me to make changes unilaterally, the Bro Code belongs to us all now, and so I put before you a proposition for an additional amendment.

Pertaining to Bro / Sister Relations
Put on the ballot by B. Stinson

As currently stated, Amendment III to the Bro Code modifies Article 19 and allows for the banging of sisters provided they are a “9 or higher.” This proposition would effectively close this loophole, allowing no banging of sisters, regardless of hotness, with the exception of Beyonce. (Sorry Nixon Knowles, but you understand, bro.)

What Your Vote Means
A “YES” vote would close the dangerous loophole present in Amendment III of the Bro Code that allows for the sullying of siblings provided they are smoking hot.

A “NO” vote would allow Bros to continue to bang your hot sister, even though it’s totally not cool. Also it would further damage the ozone layer, causing global warming which would lead to the deaths of lots of baby dolphins.

Prop 69 is a necessary Amendment. The “nine or higher” requirement is confusing and unfair. Who decides “9 or higher”? Your bro can’t because he wants to bang her. You can’t, because thinking about the hotness of your sister is super gross. Closing this loophole is best for Bro/Bro relations, Bro/Sister relations, and the planet.

There is no con to this proposition.

So get out there and vote! The power of change rests in your hands. (Except not really because this proposition is totally passing I don’t care how many “no” votes it gets.)

  • Im voting no on Prop 69, if she’s that smoking hot your bro should just accept it. Maybe said bro could rank their sister? or a female friend so you’re sure its a 9 or higher as well?

  • i vote Yes on Prop 69, thats a Bro’s sister and by extension your sister

  • I’m going to have to go with no. Since I would have broken the code if not for this loophole.

  • Alistar Mclean

    I vote yes Prop 69 is a really important loophole.

  • Clinton Scott

    I vote No

  • A

    Sorry bro…

  • Luke Wedgwood

    No, the feat of banging a bro’s sister without offending another bro is a commendable feat, however it should be noted that a bro should tell the bro who’s sister the given bro banged that they banged the other bro’s sister shortly after the banging had occurred. Furthermore, the sister should only be banged in the instance of a one-night stand (relationships are weird).

    • Seamus Emrys Jellison

      Although Contiuous banging of said bro’s sister in many one night stands is basically a relationship therefore is you are planning on doing this speak with your bro before asking his sister for the continual one night stand called a realationship(for a while anyways)

  • Sean Scott

    I vote yes, banging a bros sister is bad for the relationship with said bro and will put you in a situation where you will not want to bring your bros home in case they try to bang your sister.

  • Completely No, bro! Stay cool!))) A lot of sisters deserve 9.

  • Kyoshi Ren

    I vote NO for Prop 69 !! Bang all the Bro’s Sister!…

  • McChicken

    no way

  • Super Anacona BROS

    yes, totally, I want t bang all night long the “9 or higher” smoking hot sisters, BRO!
    Unfortunatelly, I have no sisters, dammm!

    Prop 69 forever dudes!!!!

  • Mark

    I vote “YES”. Article 19 is in many ways a violation of article 19, (Bro’s before Hoe’s), what bro is going to be down for a bro to be slammin his sister.

  • No!! I wanna bang Barney’s sister!

  • ChrisJohn

    There are plenty of 9’s in the world but each of us only has a few real bros.

  • Anonymous

    I vote yes on prop 69, there’s a lot of 9’ers out there, and a bro’s sister isn’t one who need to be banged by you

  • sorry Bro, your sister is a 9 take solice in that…

  • Marco L. S.

    I Vote Yes on Prop 69. I wish that one day the BroCode would be used as moral teaching in schools ! (sorry for my bad writing , I come from italy )

  • Cody Harry

    Yes to Prop 69

  • B

    Sorry, NO… honestly, bro… BOOBS?

  • fdth

    no cuz you did the same with ted’s mother 😉

  • Jordan Louk

    NO! Your argument is invalid sir. You are leaving out the key factor of not telling your bro. This opens a whole new window. ALSO, where there a women, there a bros to bang said women! That being said, would you rather a tool stranger bang your sweet beautiful sister, or your bro? I’d take my bro. Thou shalt never cock block thy bro.
    Bro-Code #19: Never cock-block your bro, a continuance of doing so will result in the loss of bro status, and another Punishment which is the Cock-blocked bro’s discretion.
    This ONE ‘prop 69′ vialates one of the most important of codes of bros! Think about it Stinson!

    • Oğulcan Korkutal

      Of course The Bro Code says ”Never cock block a bro” BUT in some certain circumstances you must cock block a bro.Examples:
      1-If a bro is about to have sex with a fatty,
      2-If the bro is in a smooshy relationship with a gilr that is 2 points.

      So you must cock block a bro sometimes and DO NOT LET HIM BANG YOUR SISTER!

  • DSD

    I hate to against you but I am going to second the argument put forward by Jordan Louk. Also if all the bros vote no,then well its our bro code too,we deserve an equal vote

  • Jeffrey Westside

    Barnibus thy bros have decided. No to prop 69.

  • yep

  • Hunter Tompson

    I vote yes. He may be my bro but he is NOT going to be my bro-in-law

  • the duck bomb

    no becuase, well if shes dumb she needs to be taught a lesson. and i would rather have a bro teach her that lesson..

    • yo mama

      so true bro so true

      • sexist alert

        Dumber that you that can’t spell because?

  • theapple

    Barnabas stinson i expect you to bang any girl that is a nine or higher

  • theapple

    even if it is a bros sister

  • Juan Stintson

    i vote Yes on Prop 69… it goes against bros before hoes and therefore will destroy brolationships whish is not cool, (shame on you Ted Mariam Mosby)

    • Mr Mojo

      Its Ted Evelyn Mosby 😛 Its in the broath

      • daru


        • Seamus Emrys Jellison

          I liked Vivian whatever happened to Ted Vivian Mosby

  • Brotus

    I vote YES on Prop 69

  • I vote “YES” on Prop 69.

  • Robin

    Yes bro, Yes!

  • Peter Waitforit Santarelli

    i propose that to be considered a “9” the sister must be voted a 9 or higher by more than 75% of the bros in the group, if voted in then she is fair game and i vote no prop 69

  • twisterbrother


  • william reynolds

    yes most def yes

  • Khalid Mulla

    i vote yes! banging a bros sister will destroy brolationship

  • theDUDE

    I vote yes, however this now means that Harry potter is a crap bro

  • Caolan mckee

    U banged his mom

    • Seamus Emrys Jellison

      The article states nothing of mothers; also barney admitted to not banging the mother of Ted Vivian Mosby.

      • Yacob841

        Actually The Bro Code Article 104 states: “The mom of a bro is always off-limits.” It then goes on to say the stepmom is fair game if she initiates and is wearing leopard printed clothing.

  • sam murray

    yes! prop 69


    while we’re amending. isn’t there a code tat says no dating ur bro’s ex?? how about tat barney? now tat u’re marrying her n all..

  • Seamus Emrys Jellison

    I believe that Article 19: A Bro shall not sleep with another Bro’s sister. However, a Bro shall not get angry if another Bro says, “Dude, your sister’s hot!” Should be modified and should say UNLESS a bro becomes an ex-bro then his hot sister is open game(provided he has been an ex-bro for more than six months)

  • Guest


  • Bailey Mowrer


  • Some stranger’s girl

    definitely no to prop 69

  • Cotey Blanton


  • Honey

    I vote Yes! Maybe it’s the decision of the Bro’s sister, but it could destroy the brolationship..!