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Official Barney Stinson Blog Facebook Page!

Dear Bro’s!

I have an absolutely ambitious goal and I count on you to help me with that!

I just created the official Barney Stinson Facebook page!!!

Barney Stinson Blog on facebook
Click on the facebook logo to get to my page

My goal is to get at least 50.000 fans before New Years day 2012. This is only 14 days!

This would be a new Facebook record I am sure we are going to break this record together!

So please invite all your friends to join my fanpage on facebook.If we reach 50.000 fans before 1.1.2012 something awesome will happen. I am not going to tell you about it now. Be patient! It’s only 14 days! Use the share buttons to tell everyone and invite everyone you know (including your parents and grandparents!)


P.S: If there is any programmer out there who could develop a countdown (time against fans) then please drop me an email and I will include it in the page. As you may know I have extensive computer skills in video editing

and blogging but I am no nerd!

  • Slap Bet Commissioner.

    no no no, not nerdy at all. whatever you say bro.

  • Melanie Cahill

    I watch “How I Met Your Mother” every day it is my favorite show I have seen 103 episodes yup I also love the slap bet more slap bets they rule Barney you are legen… wait for it… dary.. legendary. More like epic :3

  • Peter Hindsberg

    liking and sharing

  • Challenge Accepted!!! I just got back from Afghanistan and I was told about this series and so far in the past 13 days i have made it from Season 1 Episode one to Season 6 Episode 15 and its almost done on netflix :( But AMAZING show def going to watch all over again what can I say im in the army dont have much life nemore haha

    • Mick

      dude being in the army IS the life. Better than to cope with every other bullshoots on every single day of not being in the army. Ya get what Im saying.? I might be still drunk.

  • Doro

    i always thought NPH hates facebook…
    could be different with barney of course
    but love both anyway

  • Sertac_kaya_96_

    I hope you all Know he is gay…. but he is awesome and legen…wait for it…


  • nik malaysia

    seriously i’ve never thought this blog really exist..i really love this guy in how i met your this your real name? i just google ‘barney stinson’ n i got this..n again, is that true that your a gay? hmmm..what a shame…

    • I8yourchocolate

      Barney is lengen… wait for it… dary! But, when he is off doing more awesome duties( like picking up a zoo-keeper) Neil Patrick Harris acts for him in the show.

  • Chelsea.w

    Thank goodness you’ve entered the life of face book she wont let me have twitter

  • Stephen

    It will be legen.. wait for it.. diary

  • K_williams5382