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Merry christmas everyone!

Dear bro’s!
I wish you all a merry christmas!

If you’d like to make me a christmas present invite your friends to join my new Facebook page!

Do you know any other Christmas songs? Leave a comment! I would like to hear about them, even in your native language!

Cheers, Barney

  • kaan

    video has deleted ! we don’t watch your christmas message

  • Dominik

    we can not read it^^

  • Kev

    Fröhlich Weihnacht überall. OH Tannenbaum

  • Terka

    tisíc andělů = thousand angels

  • Anoshirvan

    کریسمس مبارک = Merry christmas

  • Zil 13588

    Video is not working! Share a new link, Barney!

  • Kaija

    Häid jõule! THATS Estonian, not the russian accent You did once and passed as Estonian.

  • Marshall E.

    I am marshall and yu hgayfucked fucker had no chance versus me

    herzliche weichanczsn/blubbersprache/

  • Mostafa Emgiem

    Legen + صبرکن + Dary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Lang

    Hello Barney! You are awesome and you are the only reason I watch how i met your mother now. Thank you for being adorable! Your fan Jessica Lang!

  • Hey, Merry Christmas to u as well, Broda!!

    Can’t see your video message man, but wateva it is it is better than Canada!!

  • Omar El-banna

    Guys for christmas this year we have to serve the people. nail a less hotter girl than you to satisfy everyone after christmas

  • Omar Abdelkareem

    ”Ted has a little sister get hotter everyday
    and if i ever meet her with her boobies i’ll play
    everyone sister sister sister.” barney stinson 😀

  • Dorian

    Joyeux Noel ! (French Guy over here ! )

  • seniorcitizen

    Kralsın be dostum =)

  • Anonymous


  • Liupai993


  • K15_carnation

    marry wait for christmass—-> marry christmass

  • Başak

    Mutlu Yıllar!! Turkish :) Turkiye loves u Barney!!

  • FAFR

    Ted has younger sister that gets hotter everyday and if I ever meet her with her boobies I will play….


    i’m so excited this himym , because of neil patrick harris

  • Bojan Antonijevic

    Hey Swarley ! I’m glad to finaly visited your blog. It’s not so awesome as you are. Merry christmas !

  • Dylanliu

    圣诞快乐 = Merry Christmas

  • Veslé Vánoce, trochu opožděně :) = Merry Christmas, a little late :) It´s Czech

  • lol you must write more

  • Bojanmilic84
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  • Mulle

    God jul !! Merry christmas in swedish 😀

  • zeynep

    Mutlu Yıllar!