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Looking for a bro

Hey guys,

so you think you are awesome? Do you feel and live the Barney Stinson way of life?
Do you consider yourself as a good writer? I am currently looking for an assistant to help me maintain my blog.
Please send your application directly to me (barney(at)

If you could send me a sample blog post that would be awesome. Even better if you send me a video resume of yourself.
Have a look at mine to get some inspiration:

  • i like what you vrote and i think from you said that i’m on the right way to be “barney stinson” lol

  • i’d love to know you more and be your friend, i live in africa and i dream to go to USA so any help would be nice. my cell (+225) 02 12 86 70

  • Tom


    Made my day loool

    this blog like your blog and love you for ever please read that blog!

  • Jon Paul

    omggg. Ima do it

  • tj

    this is not the way this works.
    you are looking for a bro, not me.
    I am offering you my awesomeness, and you are begging for my help.

  • We are a group writing german articles. Do you need an english GHOSTWRITER :)


  • Javier

    Hi Barney, you’re awesome!
    I have your three books, the suit day i went to the school suited up insttead of wearing the uniform and i think i can help you with the blog being your bro. What do you say?

  • Herbault

    Hey, Bro What’s up.
    I think that I can be your new
    Navigator !!!

  • Nico Paris

    Hi barney,
    my name is nico and I live in Switzerland. I was wearing suites in my town before I saw your great season. Then I was showing “how I met your mother” to my bro`s and now they are doing the same. ok some of them do the ted style with jeans :/

    I want to help you with this awesome blog because I`m also awesome, like you. I think I`m the “awesomenest” of all the people here (after you of course… or not) 😀

    *highfive* Nico

    PS: as your new bro I would also take one of the two last slaps which marshal has free!

  • barney stinsosn you are awesome… the best!!!
    SUIT UP!!!

  • Kyla Vermaak

    I am a girl but I got to tell you that you are freaking awesome! Keep it up xx

    • Kyla Vermaak

      Bloody awesome chick

  • Hi Barney! You’re awessssssssss wait for it- some. I want to be your bro and your wingman. Ted isn’t just suited up to be your bestfriend. I could be your bestfriend. We’ll be best buds for a long time. We don’t even have to get married until we’re 50. That’s how legen wait for it—- DAIRY we could be.

  • Sachit das

    Is this for real…
    i cant believe it!!!

  • Em Arc

    Dear Barney….
    I wish to serve you and this blog according to Bro Code and Stinsonism.
    Yeah Thats right Stinsonism …. A new term added in Barnictionay today…
    Means A life dedicated to the pious game of Hooking up with chicks with innovation and respect for the Game.

    Herez a sample of my Writing…
    I have chosen to live a life governed by strict morals that are often difficult to remember.. So I try to Simplify them..
    Like, Sleep at 9 pm on Saturday:
    Exceptions TO THIS RULE:
    There is a Bimbo Number in your Cell Phone,
    or You have a Headache
    You have a P**n in you Rack.. (or in your Flash- some other storage device may also fulfill this exception)
    You are with a Girl..
    You are a non-smoker..
    Weather conditions may or may not apply until the wind blowing is 25m/hr or the air pressure is above 2 Pascal… Use :Barometer for it!
    God forbid you are married..
    Your name has a Vowel..
    Your friend is in army.. or in any other professional … even if you don’t have any friend… this exception applies..
    You are Awesome…

    Em Arc

  • Marien

    Yo bro, if you want a french wingman, I’m in ! The French kiss and charm will give success to all of our techniques 😉

  • Joe

    Dear fans, if you wanna be awsome just act yourself and dont try to copy movie character, if you do you can put those two words up here together.
    I think if youd like to become his wingman, blogsistent or a friend act otherwise :)

    Robin telling to barney is not the best kind of friend to other kids because Ted´s parents dont know about him, was a very good answer by him :)

  • lloyd elvin

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!! This is going to be legendary…oh wait…am i too late? uh-oh sorry…

  • wayne martin

    Question: You’re heading out for a boys’ night, and your best friend asks you to be their Wing Man because tonight he wants to hunt a cougar. How would Barney adjust his game plan? let us know on the cougar hunting page…

  • You shouldn’t hire some people to do your memoires on the web..
    If you let somebody write in here, it’s gonna be like the
    purg… wait for it because it’s gonna be pretty boring….atory

    Sometimes I imagine the two of us in the wolfpack… heading for vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine

    Youre awesome, I’m still more.
    I’m your dad
    Bob Barker.

  • i would like to help!! <3

  • Nazblue

    Buddy you can count on me, if there are twosomes possible in “awesomeness” ….

  • Barney, i’m awesome :) But you are awesomeness ^^
    What application do you mean :o?

  • Pingis_pelle

    Im all yours bro.

  • brospiration

  • Lorenzo Von Matherhorn

    Do you want a bro bro

  • Getagrip2016

    lol isn’t that barney singing?

  • Master of Awesomeness

    I do not think anybody is at your level of awesomeness… Of course, I do.

  • Tdog45

    A bro never wears jeans to a strip club

  • hot fantacy

    you kinda inspire me!

    • BROLAN


  • Phil

    I challange you in an awesomness challange!

  • Christian Navarro

    its going to be legen wait for it …. dary!


    Bring it bro!