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High Infinity

High Infinity
A great man once said: “All things in moderation.” Obviously he wasn’t referring to money, sex or snack foods, but generally speaking you don’t want to overdo things, especially the high five.
Since before the age of man, organisms have expressed satisfaction by slapping appendages with other brorganisms; neighboring trees would celebrate ejecting a woodpecker by reaching across to slap branches, prehistoric whales would slap tails after clicking a particular fresh blubber joke, and even the first amoeba to crawl out of the ocean took one look at land and turned back to his amoebros to say, “High flagellum!”
While animals were smart enough to only high five after something truly epic, everything changed after a group of cavemen witnessed two T-Rexes executing an awkward “stubby five.” Since that time, mankind has effectively neutered the importance of the high five by using it for mundane accomplishments like making a free throw, fixing the photocopier, or getting undercharged for drinks at the bar (Actually, that last one’s pretty sweet). Because of all this senseless high-fivery, the world has started to experience high five inflation, or “high five-lation.”
In response, authorities tried to institute a sliding scale in which a “high one” would acknowledge something mundane (e.g. stealing someone’s cab), a “high three” would be reserved for something slightly awesome (e.g. surprise flashing when a chick wearing a skirt stands on a subway grate), and a “high five” would only be invoked for something truly awesome (e.g. getting undercharged for drinks at the bar – the more I think about it the more I think that’s pretty much as good as it gets).
Unfortunately, the high 1-5 system had its flaws, notably how difficult it was for people who are missing digits or can’t count – often the same people. That’s why I’ve yet again come to the rescue by introducing the “high infinity” (copyright, patent pending… all that crap).
Please save the high infinity for only the most awesome of the awesome and remember: you’re not doing it right if you DON’T break your hand.
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  • Rezr.Amx

    It is and forever Will Be Legendary…

  • Dude


  • Daniel Tracton

    this is legend… wait for it dary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RKelly

    Just Legendary that’s all you can say!

  • Rivas

    So… flashing at a chic’s skirt in the sub grate, while getting free drinks…what would be appropiate to do in this ocation?

    • mike

      Break your hand!

  • Minter

    You’re my hero.

  • sam

    legen…wait for it…..dary

  • sam

    ill miss you guys

  • Himym

    Its forever legendary thank you for the great moments in how i met your mother i love it so very much thank you

  • Lohit

    Lead my path barney !!

  • Carlos

    Can’t believe THIS is the last post, but that’s life…. Thank you guys for all the great moments. HIMYM was the only series that I followed for real, and was an incredible jorney. It’s been already a couple months, and I’m still watching the old episodes, trying to fight against the idea, but just gotta face it: it’s over, time to move on.

    Than you all one more time for all the happy momentos, and hope are all doing great !!

    Carlos, from Chile.

  • tyler

    Legen -wait for it-dary

  • Oscar Hrdlicka

    The high infinity is just awesome! Me

  • AwesomeAlex

    First of all, I love this blog! I also did an high infinity with my friend and it was AWESOME, but afterwards I felt like I have to amputate my hand! But it was the best decision I have ever done in my entrie life.

  • barney

    Ive done it before its legen wait for it dary legendary

  • arturo

    it’s gonna be legen- wait for it- dary

  • barney

    It was legen wait for it I hope you’re not lactose intolerent because the next part of this word is dairy legendary

  • Omkar Dagade

    Barney Stinson u r jst Legen……. wait for it ……… dary!! Legendary!!

  • Jake

    It was a legen…wait for it…dary show thanks for the show
    How I Met Your Mother 2005-2014

  • Kirk

    There should be a Barney Stinson mini-series special. Title (not copyrighted please steal) could be Legen – wait for it – dary! A Barney Stinson Story. Just saying. Keep it LEGENDARY bro.

    • Zarwen

      I completely agree with you Sir. Barney should have a show on his own. :)

  • Erik Chavez

    Why does it have to end here? I know the blog could live on forever if you wanted it so…

  • Sahil Kapadia

    I wonder if someone could find the very first post on this…that’d be amazing

  • Randhish

    Can’ believe its over for 9 months now and, here i am still cant get over the fact and watching old episodes again and again.
    HIMYM was truly the best ever TV series that is made and i thank the crew, directors and the producer for making this legendary show, thanks guys!!
    Hope a miracle happens and the producers of the HIMYM decides to revive the show again somehow..

  • arun gupta

    This legendary epic should revive,for those legendary moments which we are missing right now. In straight way, you bros were inspiration to million like oxygen in deep water. Truly deserve the Oscar of all time.give me a high five bro. Miss u all.

  • sanket k

    Are you Jesus ??

  • Szabo marcell

    You forever be legendary I live in hungary we like you teso

  • boo

    Thank f that himyFATHER bs got cancelled. Idiots n theyr dumbass story. If they had half a brain theyd b halfway thru season 1 instead of another crappy rachel bilson show

    • boo

      *cancelled show

  • Victor

    this is legen wait wait a minute … a little DARYYYYY


  • Pink_ Princess_2002_MC

    Legend-WAIT FOR IT- and I hope your my lactose intolerant because the second half of this word is-DARY!!!!!

  • Rodrigo Gonçalves

    I miss you my bro!

  • Tim

    Barney was my favorite character. What if they did how i met your mother from the mothers side for a hole series.

  • hayss haayss
  • Virginie

    Dude… you didn’t post any post since 1 year ago… I want to know more about you’re legendary ! Oh i forgot to say : i’m a girl with big boobs !
    See you later Barney 😉

  • Gaz

    This is to be the last post?! What a shame, I only just started getting into it! (I should have started from the beginning)!

    I was late to getting into this show, I first started watching it when I first started dating my girlfriend a good few months ago, and since then I was hooked, it’s one of my favorite comedies. I’m almost to the last season now when I learned Barney Stinson’s blog was real!

    I like the vibe this entry brought, and I look forward to reading the rest.

  • Spider-Man

    Wow, this blog should have had a more fitting send off.

  • Ruchi Iyer

    Truly agreed !

  • JustAwesomeIsraeliGuy


  • Freddie

    Please put up something on the blog again. Since i’ve seen all season… I just need some more of it! xD

  • 拜读一下,哈哈

  • BehnamMohammadi

    I have literally watched every episode of the show for more than 10 times! I will always remember this serial, because it changed and shaped my mind about life in NY and the US. I hope it is true. It also helped me realize that sometimes a group of friends, hanging out with each other, talking about daily silly stuff and etc. can really be everything one can desire in this world. Thank you for this great show. I was going to complain about how rushy and hasty it was in the last season, but it’s all passed. Thank you all for putting smile on our faces :-)

  • Clay

    This is so Legen…. wait for it…. dary!!

  • crisuarez98

    LEGEN – wait for it – DARY

  • Andrew Parker

    You’ve passed my test Barney. P.S: I’m the great man who once said “All things in moderation” and that was really the best high infinity which I’ve ever seen in my life.You guys rock ^_^
    BTW I loved Britney Spears on the show she’s amazing.

  • WonDerIng

    :) <3 BS better than SM

  • Emma

    Kinda late but its gonna be LEGEN– wait for it and I hope ur not lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is DARY!!!

  • Mattia Visintin

    The link doesn’t work…

  • pottatis

    I am just commenting to see if this post thread is fake or not

    HIMYM should finish like this.
    -True Story

  • Margret

    Its been years still how I met your mother feels as good as new. It is one of the few shows which despite being a sitcom contains deep meaning about love and life. The lines by characters are worth mentioning. You can check some great quotes from the show at