Barney's Blog
  • Amelie Nomblot

    -_- Barney is a legend and an icon … But You’re NOT Barney Stinson ! Or Prove it !

  • Bradley R Abrams

    Hw dare you question the geat barney stension i apologize on his behalf

  • Breereaddean

    Call me ill give you my number when im not on this website

    • CMBFTW

      And how exactly would one call you if they didn’t have your number until after they called?

  • Jangogigalo

    Any one notice the ref ID?! Lmao



      • Chinedu Udegbunam

        yeah “BONER 69′

  • tedmosby

    how far can one man’s pigheadedness go?

  • Sir Woozlewazzle

    Casually noticing ‘tedmosby’ in the comments.

  • Nathan

    I would love to work for GNB

  • Nathan

    Hey, I’m single, just email me at and send me a pic of yourself and I’ll email you back.

    • Bender B. Rodriguez


  • Grim Reaper

    heh please…