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Challenge accepted!

Recently I came close to admitting defeat on a challenge issued by one of my nay-saying friends. Fortunately I was able to rally in the final hour and snare a lady while talking like a little boy, thereby avoiding my first ever failure.

This brush with dishonor got me thinking about my running list of challenges I plan to complete in my lifetime. Here it is:


Pick up a chick whilst talking like a little boy

Lick the Liberty Bell

Tame a cougar

Overalls = Sex

Strike out a Major League batter


Pulitzer / Nobel

Own an island


Miss America

Wear the Crown Jewels

High-five the moon

Drive the pope-mobile

Debunk gravity

24 chicks, 24 time-zones

“Pay only in pennies day”

Walk to Connecticut

Ride a baby giraffe

Conduct a symphony in Lincoln Center

Seduce a woman with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back

Achieve Nirvana in less than an hour

Suction-cup to the top of the Empire State Building

Urinate in all seven seas

Fist-bump a king

Go “business casual” for half a day


Now if I can only find someone to challenge me on these…

  • I have done more of these then you Barney, I’ve accepted your challenge and raise one to you, finished these challenges before I and you may slap me, if I finish before you, i shall slap you to Marshall’s song

  • Adam Ostrander

    I challenge you, sir, to the “Pay Only In Pennies” Day! As a (relatively poor) student, I’ve had to do this on many occasions, and I would pay more than you paid Robin to say “nipple” on TV to see you pay for at least $500 worth of just about anything over the course of 24 hours!

  • Alehandro Suarez

    hey…try to tell girl you are gay,but nail her anyway! 😉

  • romina

    i challenge you to fist bump a king

    • sxxpper

      Challenge accepted

  • Jake Goral 910it

    I challenge you tohave sex on a roller coaster

  • Eavzy

    come to australia and hang with an aboriginal tribe

  • Eliot Leonard

    I challenge you to all of these

  • Unger

    bang lily

  • Shariati_09

    I challeng you to bang osama bin laden’s 50 year old sister

    • someone

      where are you from?

    • Farbod

      dame shariati garm vaqean 😀

  • Navaran

    I challenge you to put a slap to Ted

  • Djlevy99

    there is no way u could ever have a 14 way

  • Freshakon

    Urinate in all seven seas!!!!!! CHECK!

    • LegenWaitForItDary

      The arctic even?

      • Drew Carey

        Actually, that’s an ocean – Ted Mosby

  • Master of Awesomeness

    I challange you to nail two girls without a suit…

  • Diggydogwright

    With the one with Ur eyes closed and hand tied back while the girl u picked has turned her back get ur wing man to slip a note saying help I’m out back ect ect curious she goes outside to see u tied to something and with two black eyes u tell her a story of how these bad people did something to u u mention that they’ve taken ur house keys and wallet and that u need to go some where to ficks ur eyes felling sorry for u she takes u back to her place… And it is on .)

  • Stas_7

    what?are u serious bro?

  • Jo

    I challenge you!

  • Swarlyzzz

    I challenge you to experiment with ted

    • blah

      … bro… only in family guy…

  • Brotato

    I give you a challenge…….Bang stripper Lily…….And take pictures…..and HD video

  • XXBarney

    -Pick up a chick whilst talking like a little girl: Check.
    -Overalls = Sex: Check.
    -“Pay only in pennies day”: Check.
    -Seduce a woman with my eyes closed and my hand tied behind my back: Check (although in all fairness I had known her for about a week)
    -Go “business casual” for half a day: Check

  • LauraStinson

    Bro, I bet you can never Seduce me. (hey It’s killing two birds with one stone: different time zones and I could possibly invite my 13 hot friends… Besides I’m a wild one 😉

    • Harley

      Challenge accepted :p

    • YourNotSoAverageJoe

      says the girl called Laura “Stinson”

  • luge down the great pyramid. Or atleast the luxor.


    Dude you will complete this!

  • notastinsonbaby

    i challenge you to bang a woman on the top of the world trade center


    Wow. An actual blog. this is going to be legend- wait for it-

  • zeynep

    barney! set me up with ted

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