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Boom goes the dynamite

Friends, I come bearing tidings of much joy. For I, Barney Stinson, am about to partake in the most anticipated ceremony of the year. A ceremony men dream of from the time they’re fetuses. A ceremony honoring love of all things new. And what better way to make room for the new, then to go all Independence Day on some old building’s ass? That’s right, gentlemen, I get to blow up The Arcadian! The band has been booked, the food sampled, the cake frosted. All that’s left is for you, my bros in crime, to share in this beautiful day with me. And as always: black tie absolutely not optional.


  • Husham

    Awesome episode, i just was hoping for more but this was also better. I just hope barney would not get married to soon.

  • Swarley-Fan-Forever

    I’ll be there! <333

  • Tarik Karim

    You will married with Nora or Robin. Can you do more cv videos with cool songs?

    • barneys future wife

      barney is to awesome to get married to one of those. 😉
      he will mary me , the awesomest girl in the world ;d
      and our wedding is going to be legen… wait for it… DARY !

  • Fazzhotspice

    i met him a few weeks ago did you actually know that he is gay he told me him self true story…

  • Sunshine920


  • nathan

    This is going to be legen…… Wait for it…………. Just a bit more……..DARY!! <—–true story.

  • Daniellemelie

    I’m disappointed – “…then to go all Independence Day…” should be “…THAN to go all Independence Day…”. Barney Stinson would have known that.