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Blogging under influence


Guyss, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been doing a liiiiiiittle drinking tonightt. Reel nice single malt with a nose of acorns and AFTERTaste of homey… mmm. Anywaze, I thought I’d finally reveal the ten keys to aweseomenessessity. Oh boy It’s reelee starting too hitt meeee!


1. Tha flUr sellp wun zAGa seerpup da in Wajiloo a naliph caNdoosta laser tag.

2. Slanknd jurla n whalp yar dun slef ca spea kifaa gool dan fon leera Italian suits. Duhh!

3. Quig ja ruum da fo jo garp Back to the Future inlur slaf baal the threeee original Star Wars eela xoi nibee datch buj za Indiana Jones but NOTT Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Thaag nubur happpend.

4. Eaap n rasci solli chim da la hiFfie xan 83% sala klip dreega swif ra galply doil wif. God, I wish I had a father growing up.

5. Glarp jur daffis sweek jos vruk calapast eily wolcx Ted Mosby gistab pree hollymp    bad hair teest joulh parri frint erfhab lady arms hnrou ghact falas hairy back.

6. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs!

7. You guys, may I recommend a bottle of 35 year old Glen McKenna? It is truly one of the finest and most complex spirits I have ever Splorf.

9. Phlee gru neur treelee oh brint kase muspe when you feel completely hollow inside and you really just want a friend to hold you tistra uuurrlll badar keesel trapf. Hot Pockets!

10. ZzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzawe;lk;hfajerasdfjhfh I’M UP!!!!

  • Can someone translate this? Lol

    • Vishnu Ra M

      copy past in google translator >.>

  • Dimple Blackstone

    Iiiimmm wytt jaah … brr9o

  • sam


  • Vishnu Ra M

    Legen wait for it Dary Legendary 😀

  • B.m. Anim

    hahahhahahahahahaha 😛

    • @LinaOlivella


  • Tonny

    Barney…… you just lost all your awesomeness to me. I have been waiting for this moment for years!

  • mike

    What was that?

  • Andreas Hofer

    It’s so funny that you wrote this blog while you were drunk. I like your style and this rules are really awesoooooooooooome, bro.

  • barney

    It seems like he’s drunk and he got hit in the face with the keyboard by all 200 sumin girls

  • Awsomness

    I have no clue what you were trying to say

  • sam

    Great article. Check this link for more information

  • Vica

    The 6th one LMFAO

  • Samson Banda

    Hahahaha! This is reelee blogging under the influence.

  • Lol

    Oh woow thees ith ecactlee wha I sownd lyk wheyn I’m drunc

  • Synyst3rhay3s

    He’s Jabba Drunk