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The awesomest things

When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead.  True story.  But how do I do it?  Simple.  I sing the following song to remind myself of how many awesome things there really are out there.

Girls in wet t-shirts and chimps in tuxedos,
Monster truck pile-ups and Hans who shoot Greedos.
Wild chicks that beg to be tied up with strings,
These are a few of the awesomest things!

U.S. Armed Forces and dudes kicked in gonads
Box suites for football and chicks’ absent dads.
Single malt scotches that someone else brings,
These are a few of the awesomest things!

Skateboarder wipe-outs and first person shooters,
Reruns of “Air Wolf” and hiring for Hooters.
Hot girls that gyrate and wear down bedsprings,
These are a few of the awesomest things!

When the check comes!
When the girl clings!
When she’s fully clad…

I simply remember the awesomest things,
And then I don’t feel so bad!

  • Gyutacs
  • dinho

    Barney Stinson legend

  • Kvtomi

    please vote for Barney Stinson! :)) thx

  • Jarrett_sorko

    I LOVVVVEEEEE THIS SHOW 😀 I decided to try Marshall’s Fish List comedy routine in real life at an open mic night if any HIMYM fans out there are bored check it out!!!

  • hahas it’s really funny! love it!

  • Haiderimtiaz97

    Thanks bro I really admire u barney

  • fiffidockan<3

    Okeey, this is how great u are. I’m a chick and I know all of the wierd stuff u do and how u treat women, and still I think ur freakin’ awesome! Allthough, please don’t wear that tie again, it’s just wierd…

  • Yashica P R

    Sound of Music :-p

  • Fcano001

    The Great Barney Stinson is a magnificent poet of our generation. Remember the Awesomeness.

  • Chelsea.w

    Ok I’ll try that song next time I’m feeling sad, but I honestly think it doesn’t work for me, it just makes me feel bad

  • dibs on the third nanny

    now this deserves to be a broadway song

  • Drunkenclam

    Before you I had no respect for magic or suits. Now I do because they are barney approved and anything barney related must be awesome