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About my dad

As you know me normally I don’t write about personal stuff. That’s why I am stopping at this point. I am not like Marc Zuckerberg who loses control over his words and starts blogging when he is drunk. Maybe I consider to blog about my dad when I am sober again. Rough time tough!

Barney Stinson's dadThat’s him. I still don’t know what to think about this whole thing…

  • Ania

    get trough it! ; )

  • Andreas

    I wouldn’t trust him – he looks like a serial killer!

  • Geri

    Hey Bro, be careful with your dad, he looks exactly the same as the Trinity Killer… :)

  • weav

    he’s legend … wait for it … DADDY, LEGENDADDY!!!! awesome

  • my

    seriously its legendeary

  • def should talk…

  • me

    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance so i guess u gotta give him Barney….Wat uuuuuuuppppp??

  • Husham

    Barney barney barney show him who’s the real daddy.

  • Anonymous

    Aww Barney!

  • Hello Barney!
    I just started read your blog and it is AWESOME. I’m a big fan of yours and i watching you all time at Tv :)
    *How i meet your mother*
    I don’t know if you even use any programs but can i have your email :)?

  • mahan

    me too!!! i want your mail tooo!!!! you are my teacher some how . .
    cuz u are so Awesome with that chicks around u.
    my email :

  • This guy is in “Third rock from the sun”

  • ZappyD4n

    Just try and be positive, i mean come on you’ve bearly seen the guy so just try and understand the struggles your dad has been through lately trying to get back into your life, and just really be a farther to you. Suit Up -> Score Chicks-> Be Awsome!

    • CanadaChick

      You realize he’s just a character.. right? That’s not his situation in /real/ life!

  • Anonymous

    He seems like a normal dad to me, well, grandad, because i am only i child but i think you just need to bond with him.

  • Noc 07

    Oh come on Barney I think we all know that Chuck Norris is your real father!!!

  • LEGEN-wait_for_it-DARY

    i thought your dad was either bob barker or sam williams

  • bobbies101

    Barney you are really awesome.Your dad is really cool.And I am really amazed that you slept with more than 200 chicks

  • bobbies101

    also its me bobbies101 I thought the bro code said not to get married but you are getting married to Robin how could you

    • Thalia

      it says not to get married before you’re 30. barney is 37 in season 9

  • Bobbies101

    Hey CanadaChick barney is more then just a character,he is Neal Patrick Harris and he is legen wait for it dary.

  • bobbies101

    hi its me bobbies101 i wanted to say nice trick for the meatball sub.there was marinara all over marshall and his face.