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3 new motivational posters available

Dear bros, I have some good news…


There are 3 new motivational posters available in the motivational posters store and you can use this coupon code to get 20% off:


(can be used for all posters, not only the new ones, but for limited time only)

Barney Stinson motivational poster "Challenge"Barney Stinson motivational poster "Focus"Barney Stinson motivational poster "Discovery"













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  • very good .


  • Jared

    It’s good to see some new posters up.

  • SmileySteve92

    cool :)

  • Barney’s Intern

    These posters are great. They always make me think and let you reflect on your life sometimes. Keep cranking them out man. They are awesome.

  • Rj

    Awesome! Please, give a slap to Ted. He has to wear an Armani. He’s so ordinary…

  • Mohammad_17799

    hi barney
    you are my legend

  • Daemon

    Hi Barney ! You are just Legend-wait for it-dary, legendary ! Your lovely fan.

  • Wengemini

    seriously, dude… posters? get your head out of your arse! ;0)

  • kevin

    Barney Stinson quotes:

  • Thomas Enddel

    i like barney stinson NOT patrick harris

  • The Man Himself ha

    Barney Stinson quite possibly the greatest man alive that we can all wish we are. Why he sets the goals so we have something to shoot for.

  • Mav99XD

    Legen wait for it DARY

  • Rahul waitforit panchal

    A huge fan sir…
    Will be glad to become your wingman…!!!